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Changesbowie (1990)

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  • Release Date: 22-02-1990
  • Format: CD
  • Number of Discs: 1

  • Catalogue Number: CDP7941802
  • Label: Emi

Official Release

Long before Madonna started changing hairstyles between albums, David Bowie set the standard (and continues to do so) for chameleonic music styles that go beyond mere hair dye. CHANGESBOWIE is the perfect road map that allows the listener to hear the different pitstops Bowie made into the mid-'80s. Throughout the '70s, Bowie's personas included space alien ("Ziggy Stardust", "Suffragette City"), theatrical raconteur ("Rebel, Rebel"), blue-eyed soulster ("Young Americans") and Thin White Duke ("Golden Years"). After spending time in Berlin under self-imposed exile ("Heroes"), he returned to the West and within a few short years, David Bowie was back on the top of the charts thanks to a dance-rock collaboration with Nile Rodgers ("Let's Dance"). Bowie's constant need to reinvent himself is so pervasive that upon originally releasing this collection on Rykodisc, he returned to the studio and recorded an updated, '90s remix of "Fame" that sounds as if Art Of Noise were his back-up band.

Track Listing:

    1. Space Oddity
    2. John, I'm Only Dancing
    3. Changes
    4. Ziggy Stardust
    5. Suffragette City
    6. Jean Genie
    7. Diamond Dogs
    8. Rebel Rebel
    9. Young Americans
    10. Fame '90 Remix
    11. Golden Years
    12. Heroes
    13. Ashes To Ashes
    14. Fashion
    15. Let's Dance
    16. China Girl
    17. Modern Love
    18. Blue Jean

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